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Approved to value for the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program

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Amy is the only accredited ACAA member and registered art valuer in Tasmania

ABC Radio Show - The Dark Arts
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Listen to me talk on ABC Radio about the unit I developed and coordinate at the University of Tasmania called:

The Dark Arts: Culture, Crime and Corruption

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BEc (Fine Arts Major) Grad Dip Ed, MEval (with Hons)

I established Lugten-Taylor Art Advisory (LTAA) in 2014, to provide affordable and unbiased art valuations as well as advice from buying or investing in art, to decorating your home with art. The art market is often an overwhelming and complex place and whether you are new to collecting or own an established collection, LTAA offers tailored advice which considers your tastes, budget and needs. 






In 2016 I was approved to value art for the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program and I have valued art for local Tasmanian art lovers and businesses, as well as larger scale Australian and international institutions, galleries, collectors, and national art funds.

Since graduating with a degree in Economics and Fine Arts in 2013, I have completed curatorial and research roles at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, as well as Art Business qualifications from Sotheby's Institute of Art, London. I have worked in numerous highly-successful commercial galleries, and bring my sales and strategy advice to LTAA. I have a Graduate Diploma and possess a Masters in Evaluation with Honours from the University of Melbourne.










I lecture at the University of Tasmania and coordinate a unit I developed which explores the international art market, art theft during times of conflict and issues concerning cultural heritage.

I have worked in the Australian art scene for 13 years, and have established a broad network, knowledge of artists and art schemes for potential investors and art lovers alike.


I can also advise on collecting paintings, sculpture and photography by Impressionists, Modernists, Post-Modernists and Contemporary art, both Australian and International. 


Contact me anytime with any questions about services, pricing, and availability, as well as general art enquiries.

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Amy Lugten-Taylor

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